Haul - Block - Launch

$10.00 /Ft.

Load or Remove from Transport

$10.00 /Ft.

Survey haul

$10.00 /Ft.

Step Mast

Varies with each job’s size and complexity.

Please Call for Estimate / Availability

Pressure Wash

$3.00 /Ft. – No additional scrapping

** No personal outside pressure washing devices per DEP!! **

Bottom Jobs

MarPro, Odyseey, Interlux - Micron CSC, Sea Hawk - Tropikote

Due to current Bottom Paint price fluctuations, Please call for estimate!

Scraping Hulls / Outdrives / Running Gear

$75.00 /hr. per employee

Tarp Fee (DEP Requirement)

$50.00 – Included if yard is doing the work

Service Includes

Pressure wash, light scraping, Stick sanding, 2 coats of paint and labor on a boat that has previously been painted.

(Additional Orbital sanding available at hourly rate)

Request Price for any Paint not Listed

** Inquire about charges for new boat painting.

Storage Rates as Indicated

Haul Out Yard Rates

$30.00 /day Subject to available space and Management approval.
Call for Details

Applies anytime owner or outside contractor is providing service on or off site until service is complete and vessel has been launched and removed from property.

High & Dry service - $12/Ft Inside & Outside Storage

Per Foot / Per Month ($200 minimum)
Subject to available space and Management approval

Additional fee for T-Tops and Towers

Outside contractor

$30.00 /day when on site.

Please Check-in with the front office daily!

Contractor must provide valid business license and current proof of business insurance

Owner or contractor painting boat bottoms must purchase all applied materials from the ships store

Rates & Availability are subject to change at Anchorage Yacht Basin’s Discretion